How can I accept Apple Pay?

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Small businesses are forever at the mercy of large corporations when it comes to customer expectations. When the large corporations move into a certain payment method or product offering, many small businesses suffer if they do not also move in the same direction. Simply put, your customers have come to [...]

How can I accept Bitcoin payments from customers?

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Despite the fluctuating Bitcoin value, the crypto-currency has proven to be increasingly popular among retailers. Although we cannot talk about Bitcoin reaching critical mass in terms of adoption yet, more and more retailers and small businesses can see the potential in increasing sales by offering more payment choices to their customers. [...]

What are SMS Payments?

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SMS payments are a means of paying for goods, services or products via a text message sent from a mobile phone. They work like standard SMS or Short Messaging Service. With the SMS payment system purchasers send a text message to pay for an item or service. This text message [...]