Xero integration with iZettle – how does it work?

The leader in the mobile point of sale race in the UK, iZettle, offers easy integration with small business accounting software Xero. What does this mean, and what are the benefits for small businesses? One of the advantages offered by mobile payment applications like iZettle is that it allows small merchants and [...]

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iZettle & Windows Phone 8: why does it lack support?

When iZettle first launched a few years ago, it was compatible only with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Since then, the service has added several countries in Europe and beyond, but it has only gained compatibility with Android devices. No Windows Phone, no BlackBerry. The same applies for iZettle's main [...]

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Bouncepad for iZettle

If you have taken the wise decision to develop your business and increase profitability by accepting credit cards using iZettle’s ingeniously simple card reader for your smartphone or iPad, you might also want to think about combining this great mobile technology with a functional, but super-stylish, Bouncepad tablet enclosure. [...]

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Mobile and Wireless Receipt Printers

The introduction of new-generation mobile payment systems of the likes of Square in the US, and its European counterparts iZettle and Payleven, which turn smartphones and tablets into credit card processing systems, is changing the business environment and creating demand for a new generation of mobile and wireless receipt [...]

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Charities not taking advantage of mobile payments

According to the Charity Commission, the regulator for charities in England and Wales, there are over 150,000 registered charities and their annual income totalled more than £61 billion in 2013. The need for raising money at both the organisational and individual level is self evident, and as the UK [...]

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See how iZettle helps designer Emma Cornes sell bags

iZettle is helping lots of small businesses grow. We interviewed Emma Cornes, an aspiring businesswoman and a creative bag designer, about how iZettle has helped her company. Her story is an inspiration for those considering starting up a business - read our full interview with Emma below. Tell me [...]

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