PayPal Here UK review – How does it do up against iZettle and SumUp?

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Our rating PayPal Here offers an interesting pay-as-you-go solution for face to face payments, though rates are not particularly competitive. Highs: No lock-in or monthly fees, and you can send electronic invoices. Lows: Complex fee structure with the least competitive rates. PayPal Here, PayPal's Chip and PIN reader has [...]

Payleven alternatives in the UK

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Mobile payment companies Payleven and SumUp merged in April 2016. The combined company trades under the name SumUp. While existing merchants are not affected by the merger, we give a run-down of four Payleven alternatives for those considering accepting card payments on mobile devices. In summary Contactless reader [...]

SumUp Air discount – £30 off

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When SumUp launched its original Chip and Sign card reader in the UK, the company offered free card readers. The new Air reader is a more sophisticated card reader than the previous models, utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone or tablet, as well as accepting contactless cards and [...]

Ten reasons to get a card machine for iPhone

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Compact card machines that enable you to process payments with an app on an iPhone have taken the payment industry by storm. In the last few years, providers such as iZettle, SumUp and PayPal Here have become household names among small merchants – and for good reasons. Here are 10 of them. [...]