Have you tried finding an easy-to-understand list of what receipt printers work with Square Reader and POS app? It’s tough. But we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled all the Square receipt printers available for iOS and Android devices, explaining how they work.

In short, there are only two Bluetooth printers (i.e. mobile printers) that are still manufactured, and a lot more desktop receipt printers. We also list discontinued models, which you may be able to find secondhand or even in a few online shops.

All except for a few use heat technology to print on thermal paper, so no ink is required. Prices vary, but you can expect to pay around £200-£450 for a mobile printer and £130-£600 for a stationary model, all including VAT.

Mobile receipt printers

Only Star Micronics produces mobile printers that work with Square. They all work via Bluetooth, i.e. your mobile device running the Square Point of Sale (previously called Square Register) app syncs wirelessly with the printer after the initial pairing through the app. Common to these Bluetooth printers is the portability, as they are small enough to be carried around easily.

However, none of the models are compatible with Android, so you have to use Square on either iPhone or iPad to use a mobile printer. This is actually at odds with the manufacturer’s website stating the printers can indeed connect with Android, but Square’s own information says they won’t, so we’ve got to assume Square’s Android app is just not set up for Bluetooth pairing.

Star Micronics SM-S230i – highest performance

This new-generation, compact model is the smallest, lightest and fastest of the Bluetooth receipt printers for Square. It measures 80 x 114 x 44 mm in size and weighs only 217 g with the battery.

Star Micronics SM-S230i receipt printer

Despite the tiny size, the battery life is also the longest of the mobile printers: up to 19 hours with 5-minute printing intervals. That’s partly because of the automatic sleep mode conserving the battery power. It prints at a high (203 dpi) resolution, 80 mm-per-second speed on 2-inch paper receipts.

The printer comes with a battery charger and pack, sample paper roll, belt clip and USB cable.

Compatible connections:

Bluetooth – iOS only (iPad, iPhone)

Star Micronics SM-T300i – sturdy, dust-protected and splash-resistant

If you work in a harsh, active environment, this may be your best Bluetooth printer. At 422 g including battery, it is nearly twice as heavy as SM-S230i, but that’s because it’s built to be sturdy. As it is dust-protected and splash-resistant, it is perfect for demanding restaurants, busy retail environments with staff on the floor and other on-the-move situations.

Star SM-T300i receipt printer

It measures 120 x 130.5 x 58.4 mm – still small enough to be handy for carrying. The print speed is 75 mm a second in high resolution on 3-inch paper receipts. It can print for up to 11 hours with 5-minute intervals.

The pack comes with a battery, AC adapter, serial cable and sample roll.

Compatible connections:

Bluetooth – iOS only (iPad, iPhone)

Discontinued, but also compatible:

Star Micronics SM-S210i – Bluetooth, iOS-only

Star Micronics SM-S210i2 – Bluetooth, iOS-only

Star Micronics SM-S220i – Bluetooth, iOS-only

Stationary receipt printers

The selection of stationary printers is where things get a bit complicated (and where Square’s own guides are confusing). With a mobile printer, Bluetooth is most convenient – no wires, no fiddle as you carry it around. Desktop receipt printers, on the other hand, have a wider choice of connection points including:

LAN by cable – Connects by Ethernet cable to your local router that connects with the Square app over WiFi.

Wireless LAN – Connects directly with your mobile device’s WiFi.

USB – Connects directly to the mobile device running the Square app.

Bluetooth – Connects directly to your mobile device over Bluetooth.

To add to the confusion, the USB connections can only work with iOS if you also use an iPad with the Square Stand which has a socket for this. The USB connections do not work with iPhone.

Star Micronics TSP143III – classic, all-round desktop model

The latest from the Star Micronics TSP100 series, the TSP143III, is one of the bestselling countertop models. It comes in dark grey or off-white and prints fast, at 250 mm per second, on 80 mm wide paper receipts. The printer has an auto-cutter and de-curl function to ease the checkout experience.

Star Micronics TSP143III printer

If you’re using iPad or iPhone, you can use the USB-Lightning cable both to connect the printer and mobile device and to recharge the mobile device through the printer.

Think carefully which connection type you want, as you have to pick the specific model code for that (listed below).

Apart from those, you can use TSP143, TSP143II (eco printer) and TSP143GT (two-tone monochrome printer), which are older models.

The pack comes with a wall mount bracket, 58 mm paper guide, cables and software.

Compatible connections:

USB (TSP100IIIU) – Android, iPad + Square Stand together

LAN by cable (TSP100IIILAN) – Android, any iOS

Wireless LAN (TSP100IIIWLAN) – any iOS

Star Micronics 654II – high-speed printer with swappable connections

The Star 654II receipt printer prints a receipt (300 mm) per second, which is 60 a minute. What makes this printer even more special is the interchangeable interfaces. If you chose, say, a Bluetooth version, you can swap just the connection interface to another instead of getting a whole new printer.

It comes in off-white or dark grey and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Its guillotine auto-cutter and drop-in-and-print paper load make it quite efficient, but that applies to other Star countertop models too. With this one, though, you can add a splash-proof cover and kitchen buzzer if you work in food services.

You don’t necessarily have to choose the model name with “II” at the end, as the TSP654 LAN printer is also compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Star Micronics TSP650 series printer

The pack comes with a vertical mount accessory, wall mount bracket, 58 mm paper guide, power switch cover, start-up paper roll and external power supply.

Compatible connections:

USB – Android, iPad + Square Stand together

LAN by cable – Android, any iOS

Bluetooth – any iOS

Star mPOP – cash drawer and receipt printer combo

If you accept cash and want to save money and countertop space, the Star mPOP cash-drawer-and-receipt-printer-in-one is a good choice. This model is compatible with iPad only, whether it is used with or without Square Stand. Retailers can choose to add a barcode scanner too, but this is optional.

Square receipt printer and cash drawer combo

The receipt printer prints 100 mm per second on 2-inch paper. As with other countertop models, loading is an easy drop-in-and-print action, and it’s got an auto-cutting guillotine.

The cash drawer contains four bill slots and adjustable six or eight coin slots. There is a hidden space under the removable coins slots for any extra items to store in the till.

Compatible connections:

USB – iPad only

Bluetooth – iPad only

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Epson TM-m10 – smallest stationary printer

The Epson TM-m10 printer is the smallest desktop printer at only 102‎ x 102 x 102 mm, weighing just 0.9 kg. You can position it horizontally or vertically, making it versatile in whichever small space you need it in.

It comes in a choice of black or white, and prints 150 mm per second on 2-inch paper. This printer is especially strong on mobile connectivity, as it uses NFC to connect with a compatible iPhone or iPad for easy pairing.

Epson TM-m10 receipt printer

That said, you can use the USB version to connect with a Square Stand with iPad, or the LAN connection to connect with any iOS device.

The pack comes with a power cable and adaptor, cable fixation saddle, power switch cover and spare paper roll.

Compatible connections:

LAN by cable – any iOS

USB – iPad + Square Stand together

Bluetooth – any iOS

Epson TM-T20II – low-cost and economical

This Epson model is one of the most affordable receipt printers (prices from £130 including VAT), but it is therefore not the highest-performing. Yet it is great value with a fast print speed of 200 mm per second on 3-inch paper, and the automatic paper reduction makes it more economical and environmentally friendlier than most peers.

It comes only in dark grey, featuring an auto-cutter to ease the checkout experience. The pack comes with an adaptor and power cable, power switch cover, paper roll, rubber feet, USB cable and wall hanging bracket.

Compatible connections:

LAN by cable – any iOS

USB – iPad + Square Stand together

Bluetooth – any iOS

Epson TM-T20II receipt printer

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Epson TM-T88V – low-power and high reliability

The Epson TM-88V series is, like the TM-T20II model, very “green” with its low power consumption and paper reduction feature. It’s the first Energy Star-qualified thermal-heat receipt printer ever to be made.

Epson TM-T88V printer

It prints 300 mm a second and is exceptionally reliable over a long period of time (to prove this, Epson offers a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty). A strong point is the multi-greyscale printing capabilities for more vivid graphic images and logos.

The pack includes a connector cover, power switch cover, 58-mm paper guide plate and spare roll of paper.

Compatible connections:

USB – iPad + Square Stand together

Bluetooth – any iOS

Epson TM-U220 – flexible paper width, but requires ink

The TM-U220 is different from all the other receipt printers on this list because it prints on plain paper. It means you need ink, as it does not use heat-based technology on specially coated, thermal paper. Overall, the printer is very reliable, but fairly standard in terms of performance.

The strongest point is perhaps the choice of paper size you can use in the printer: 76, 69.5 or 58.5 mm width. The printer can be mounted vertically on the wall or used horizontally.

It comes with an ink ribbon and spare roll of paper. When you need to change the ribbon, you can take a pick from red and black ink.

Compatible connections:

LAN by cable – any iOS

Epson TM-U220 impact printer

Discontinued, but also compatible:

Star Micronics TSP113/TSP113GT – USB, Android or iPad + Square Stand

Star Micronics TSP651 – USB, Android or iPad + Square Stand

Kitchen printers

If you’re working in a restaurant, you may also need a kitchen printer, which prints with ink on paper through impact rather than heat on thermal paper. Thermal heat-based printers would not work in hot environments like a kitchen, since the writing would fade on its paper.

Square Point of Sale works with two impact printers for kitchens:

Star Micronics SP712ML/SP712MU: LAN (any iOS, Android), USB (iPad + Square Stand, Android)

Star Micronics SP742ML/SP742MU: LAN (any iOS, Android), USB (iPad + Square Stand, Android)