Is it safe to take payments over the phone?

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Security is a major consideration for most small business, and liability for fraudulent activity could come back to bite you if you do not meet the strict standards of the Payment Card Industry. However, with the right security processes in place, taking payments over the phone is extremely safe for [...]

What is a virtual terminal?

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It is becoming increasingly important for small businesses to be able to accept manual payments. Manual payments are transactions that are completed without the card holder present, for example if you take a booking, reservation or order for a product over the telephone. However, in order to take a manual [...]

How to take payments over the phone

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Regardless of what business you're in, taking payments over the telephone is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly true if: You offer delivery on your products. Your business is mobile or operates on the go. You sell a service and require deposits in order to secure appointments or make [...]

Card not present transactions – the basics

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Processing card-present transactions is pretty straightforward when the buyer, the cardholder, walks into the store in person and purchases goods (or services). Things, however, get complicated for transactions completed over the Internet, mail, fax or by phone. Such a situation is called card (or cardholder) not present (CNP) and represents a problem [...]