Mobile payments in the Netherlands: alternatives for small businesses

By Istvan Fekete|2018-11-14T15:08:24+00:00October 5th, 2015|Tags: , , , |

Holland's mobile payment market just got “agglomerated” in the fall of 2014, when Swedish iZettle stepped in as the fourth mobile payment service provider, joining Payleven, SumUp, and Adyen Shuttle. For small business owners, sole traders, non-profits or individuals who want to accept debit and credit cards without the [...]

Payleven UK coupon promo code

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Note: Payleven and SumUp merged in April 2016, and the new company will operate under the name of SumUp. Payleven ceased to exist as a brand in 2016.  You can check out our article of Payleven alternatives for the app-based mobile card readers currently in the UK market. In 2015, Payleven offered [...]

What are Payleven’s business analytics and loyalty programme?

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 Payleven and SumUp have merged under the name of SumUp, so Payleven no longer accepts new customers. New merchants may sign up with SumUp or consider alternatives. For small businesses looking for a means of accepting credit cards without having to pay large fees, Payleven represents one [...]

Mobile and Wireless Receipt Printers

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The introduction of new-generation mobile payment systems of the likes of Square in the US, and its European counterparts iZettle and Payleven, which turn smartphones and tablets into credit card processing systems, is changing the business environment and creating demand for a new generation of mobile and wireless receipt [...]