Mobile payments in the Netherlands: alternatives for small businesses

Holland's mobile payment market just got “agglomerated” in the fall of 2014, when Swedish iZettle stepped in as the fourth mobile payment service provider, joining Payleven, SumUp, and Adyen Shuttle. For small business owners, sole traders, non-profits or individuals who want to accept debit and credit cards without the bureaucracy [...]

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Chip and PIN technology

There can hardly be anyone in the UK who doesn't use a Chip and PIN machine on a regular basis. Any time you pop into your nearest shop and pay with a credit or debit card by giving your PIN code (personal identification number) to authorise the transaction you [...]

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Are viruses a threat to mobile point of sale systems (mPOS)?

In the wake of the Target data breach in late 2013, which exposed the credit and debit card accounts of 70 million holiday shoppers, both investors and merchants have started searching for alternatives to upgrade outdated payments technology. Are mobile point of sale (mPOS) systems part of the solution, or do [...]

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