Five best POS systems for restaurants – the UK shortlist

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It is now easier than ever for restaurants and other food-and-drink establishments to get EPOS for their business. In the past, setting up any face-to-face business required extensive equipment, complicated software and long contracts, but options are generally simpler now. Practically all modern POS systems are cloud-based, meaning they [...]

Clover POS review: streamlined design, divergent costs

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Our rating Clover offers minimalist-looking, multifunctional payment terminals - and myriads of fees to consider. Clover is an out-of-the-box EPOS solution for small businesses wanting a complete package of integrated card machines, POS interface and software. The multi-functional card terminals are stylish and can be customised [...]

Is iPad the best solution for cloud-based POS systems?

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In simple terms, a point of sale (POS) system can be defined as "a computerised network in which checkout terminals are connected and operated by a main computer". With cloud-based POS software, the main computer can be an iPad connected to the internet. See also: What is a cloud-based POS [...]

What is a cloud-based POS system?

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Until a few years ago, most face-to-face businesses would store all their point of sale (POS) data locally, including prices of items and records of transactions. This data would usually be held on an on-site PC or server, or perhaps a server on a private company network in the [...]

How does a POS system work? The basics explained

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Any business selling in person will have a ‘point of sale’, commonly abbreviated ‘POS’. In essence: POS is the setup you have in place for processing face-to-face payments from customers. POS is not a standalone machine or process - it’s a constellation of things that together enable [...]

iPad POS stands – the five most stylish and functional

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Forget clunky cash registers. iPad-based point of sale (POS) systems are a growing trend among the millions of retail outlets, restaurants, gyms and other customer-facing businesses across the globe. They offer more flexibility, more salability and lower start-up costs than traditional POS equipment. iPad POS can also be synonymous [...]