The top five iPad POS Systems for the UK

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The top five iPad POS Systems for the UK

Apple’s iPad has proven itself as a perfect platform for web-based point of sale (POS) systems. The devices are sleek and reliable and offer great battery life.

Web-based POS opens up simple and economical store and transaction management to businesses of all sizes, with a minimal need for any upfront investment. But which of the systems out there is most suitable for you? In this article, we present five of the best options currently on the UK market.

Shopify POS

The Shopify POS system is one of the most approachable options on the market for retail businesses, and a great choice for people running businesses with both an online and face-to-face element.


Shopify’s web features already make it easy to set up and run all elements of an eCommerce store, from creating the customer-facing online shop to managing stock and inventory. Adding Shopify Retail to your setup quickly gains you staff management functions, the ability to record mobile payments, and even hardware integration with a range of accessories ideal for “bricks and mortar” stores, including receipt printers and cash drawers.

Supported payment systems: Streamline, Handepay, AIB Merchant Services. Shopify does offer iPad payment processing, known as Shopify Payments, but this is currently available in the US and Canada only.

Cost: US$40 per month, in addition to an existing Shopify subscription (starting at $29 per month for an online store, and $9 per month for a physical store only).

Full review: Shopify POS: it’s working, at a price


AirPOS is a UK-specific cloud-based point of sale system, designed for ease-of-use, and complete with a straightforward pricing structure. AirPOS works with Windows and Android, as well as with Apple devices.


AirPOS offers a web-store along with an “in person” interface. Essentially it’s designed to run every element of a retail operation (including back office), in one tidy package, and it succeeds admirably in this, while still providing for third-party hardware integration.

The interface lacks the “pretty” look and feel of Shopfiy, and is slightly harder to set up, but all in all AirPOS is solution to consider.

Supported payment systems: iZettle, Payleven, PayPal Here.

Cost: £17.50 per month, per device. £32.50 per month for optional online store.

Revel POS

Revel POS for the iPad is a very different beast, aimed specifically at the retail market with a particular focus on restaurants, coffee shops and takeaways.

revel-izettle2This is a far more bespoke system, with the potential for advanced functionality including restaurant table maps, inventory management, and even the ability to split customer bills. If you’re looking for something a little more slick and advanced than a straight “off the shelf” solution, Revel could work well for you.

Supported payment systems: Ayden, iZettle, Verifone.

Cost: On application.


Intelligentpos is another UK-specific system, designed for businesses of all sizes. The provider manages to hit a sweet spot between approachable and highly functional, with free trials and online demos available to help you get a feel for the software.

The platform is really easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with iZettle online payments. There are also various equipment bundles on offer, including items such as kitchen printers and cash drawers.

Supported payment systems: iZettle

Cost: £39 per month for your first terminal, £29 per month for additional terminals.


Strictly speaking, iZettle don’t give you a fully fledged iPad POS system, but the payment provider does offer a reasonably advanced mobile app that will serve adequately if you have simple point of sale requirements or are just starting out.


Best of all, iZettle’s offers a choice of readers including a contactless offering that’s good for all major credit cards, as well as NFC transactions including Apple Pay. If all you need is basic mobile POS, without a fixed monthly fee, you could do a lot worse.

Supported payment systems: iZettle

Cost: No monthly fee, only commission on card transactions.

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