The top five iPad POS Systems for the UK

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Apple’s iPad has proven itself as a perfect platform for web-based point of sale (POS) systems. The devices are sleek and reliable and offer great battery life.

Web-based POS opens up simple and economical store and payment handling to businesses of all sizes, with a minimal need for any upfront investment. No doubt the future of POS is cloud based. That said, you want a service that resolves software bugs quickly, and offers prompt support to allow you to run your business swiftly without interruptions.

There are many providers out there, and we are not convinced they will all survive the sharpened competition the next five years. We’ve listed what we consider to be five 2017 UK frontrunners for small businesses, which are likely to grow in the years to come.


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Suitable for: Shops, hospitality, food and drink, including full service restaurants

Intelligentpos is the only UK based company on our list. The Edinburgh Point of Sale provider has gained popularity with small and medium sized businesses. The provider manages to hit a sweet spot between approachable and comprehensive features.

The platform is really easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with iZettle payments. There are also various equipment bundles on offer, including items such as kitchen printers and cash drawers.

Their Order & Pay app is an attractive feature for small small businesses, especially coffee shops, who want a loyalty and pre-order app. Intelligentpos offers the custom branded app for a small fee.

Intelligentpos Point of Sales system with iZettle card payments

Barista with Intellingentpos connected to iZettle Reader for payments. Photo credit: Intelligentpos

Payment integration: iZettle Reader

Software cost: £39 per month for your first terminal (iPad software license), £29 per month for additional terminals.

Shopify POS

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Suitable for: Retail shops where the online channel is as important, if not more important, than face-to-face sales

The Shopify POS system is one of the most approachable options on the market for retail businesses, and a great choice for people running businesses with both an online and face-to-face element.

Shopify’s web features already make it easy to set up and run all elements of an eCommerce store, from creating the customer-facing online shop to managing stock and inventory. Adding Shopify Retail to your setup quickly gains you staff management functions, the ability to record mobile payments, and hardware integration with accessories needed by most stores, such as receipt printers and cash drawers.

Shopify POS UK

Shopify POS with Shopify Rader and integrated hardware. Photo credit: Shopify

Payment integration: Shopify Card Reader (other terminals can be integrated, but with an “penalty” fee for not using Shopify payments.

Software cost: Monthly plan from £22 (US$ 29 charged), and an additional £37 monthly (US$ 49 charged) to activate the retail package to connect hardware like barcode scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer.


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Revel POS

Suitable for: Retail, restaurants and other food and drink businesses

Revel is targeted to businesses of a certain size and staff numbers, and can handle multi locations as well as chains. The US company is particular popular with food and beverage businesses such as coffee shops and takeaways.

Of course you will get the standard restaurant table maps, multi store inventory management. Time sheets for employees is also included, as is payroll. If you’re looking for something a little more bespoke and advanced than a straight “off the shelf” solution, Revel could work well for you.

Revel is a hybrid system, meaning some software will be locally downloaded not just cloud accessible offering better offline functionality.

Revel is not the first choice is online sale integration is critical.

Revel software with Revel supplied hardware and Ingenico card machine. Photo credit: Shopify

Payment integration: The standard Ingenico and Verifone card machines.

Cost:  £100+ a month and mandatory hardware purchases.


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Suitable for: Retail and small food and drink businesses

Strictly speaking, iZettle will not give you a fully fledged Point of Sales system, but the features you get included for free iZettle app for iPad is pretty close, and will serve the need of many small businesses. You can add products with features and attributes, control inventory stock, add staff accounts with specified account access, and benefit from customer loyalty features.

The backend reports and analytics are good too. If you want advanced accounting, iZettle and Xero can be integrated.

iZettle Point of Sale app with iZettle Reader. Photo credit: iZettle

Payment integration: iZettle Reader

Software cost: No monthly fee, only commission on card transactions.


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Suitable for: Retail of all sizes.

Vend is a powerful POS software for retail businesses offering a range of features and customization, including multi location inventory management.

iZettle Point of Sale app with iZettle Reader. Photo credit: iZettle

Payment integration: iZettle Reader, PayPal Here, SumUp Air and traditional card machines.

Software cost: Starting at £49 per month.