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iZettle Pro (Intelligentpos) review: reliable and affordable ePOS

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Our rating(4/5)
Safe ePOS choice for food, drink and hospitality. 1.25% transaction fee with iZettle card reader.
iZettle Pro (formerly Intelligentpos) is simple to use, but powerful. You get a lot of features for your money. UK-based onboarding and support team.

The software is cloud-based and runs from an iPad app. Getting started with the app and the integrated hardware is easy and, for most businesses, won’t need any technical assistance.

Highs: Clean interface. Plenty of functionality. Decent hardware support and card reader integration. In-depth reports. Low transaction fee with iZettle Reader.

Lows: The more iPads, the more you pay. No ready-made gift cards available.

Best offer

iZettle Pro offers a free trial for 7 days.

Limited time only: If you sign up through the link below, you also get a personalised demo and £120 off their hardware bundle.

Get offer
hardware bundle for iZettle Pro

Pricing – simple and transparent

The iZettle pricing system is incredibly straightforward: it’s £39 for each iPad per month. With multiple checkouts, you’ll probably want to hook up multiple iPads, thus requiring multiple licences.

At £39 a month, we think the pricing is reasonable for what you get. If you want to use multiple iPads, however, the cost can start to rack up.

We recommend taking advantage of the 7-day free trial before committing to any lasting arrangement.

You can cancel before the trial period is up or at the end of any month you have paid for.

Software pricing

Each iPad licence:   £39 +VAT/month
7 days/week tech support included

Hardware pricing

Hardware bundles:  from £313.39
Self-installation easy for most
Pro half-day installation: £210 +VAT

iZettle Pro integrates with iZettle Reader where all payments are charged at 1.25% per card transaction for Pro subscribers. This rate includes the premium cards American Express, UnionPay, JCB and Diners Club.

Who should get iZettle Pro?

iZettle Pro has been designed specifically for hospitality businesses. It caters specifically to this sector that includes hotels, B&Bs, gyms, spas, beauty salons, campsites and transportation. Especially food and drink businesses – from full-service restaurants to pubs and coffee shops, bars and takeaways – will benefit, as will food trucks and mobile cafés.

Retailers might want to check out iZettle Go, Go Plus or other POS systems instead, as iZettle Pro has a lot of functions irrelevant to shops. That said, it can be used for retail, as was the case for Intelligentpos before it was named iZettle Pro.

Offline mode

With the old Intelligenpos, it was possible to use the POS when you couldn’t connect to the internet. Most app functionality remained intact in offline mode, and once reconnected, all your data would sync back to the cloud.

The current iZettle Pro only supports offline mode for some features. In order to use the software, there has to be a WiFi or data connection to keep everything synced and connected. Payments with the iZettle card reader won’t work either without a network or WiFi connection.

Some other POS providers such as Lightspeed Restaurant POS offer offline functionality, which works only in conjunction with an on-premise backup server to step in when there’s an internet outage. You can expect to pay extra for such a server in any cases where you need to ensure offline capabilities.

User experience

iZettle Pro is an iPad-only solution. If you sign up for a short, visual tour, you’ll find – like us – that the iPad app works quite smoothly.

The iPad app has a main page which we have nicknamed the ’till menu’. This is where most operations will happen. If you have retail experience, you’ll be familiar with the overall layout.

The till menu includes all of your products. Everything is colour-coded and organised impressively.

Intelligentpos customisation of menu layout in app

The top portion of the screen is dedicated to products. The bottom showcases the different product categories.

Tapping an item will add it to an order panel. The order panel is always at the right side of the interface. You can adjust items in the order panel on the fly before proceeding to payment.

You can choose to colour code your products too – this is useful for separating brands, product types, and so on.

Editing a product is as simple as tapping each product and adjusting the details as you see fit, and this can be done at any time.

Intelligentpos new product menu in POS app

Use the “functions” menu to search products, cancel orders, add a promotion, scan a loyalty card, manage a gift card or make any other on-the-fly changes before you ask for payment.

Intelligentpos functions menu in POS app

You can add users to the iPad app and give varying permissions to them. Users can be classed as a supervisor, manager or staff member. Each user will have their own PIN number to type into the PIN pad, which allows quick switching between members at a moment’s notice. A lot of the backend content can easily be locked out, allowing managers to restrict a staff member’s access to the stuff they will actually need for making sales.


iZettle Pro has tons of features, some of which we’ll now look at.

Sit in/take out: With this you can choose to put the order as ‘sit in’ or ‘take out.’ You can still pick out a table in case you would like to tell a takeout customer to sit down and wait. You can switch between each option with the tap of a button.

Table management: You can use a table management tool in the settings menu to create a virtual table layout of your restaurant. Users can use a variety of different shapes and sizes for each table. You can mimic your table layout in the app to help out the waiters, waitresses and bussers. When you make an order, you can quickly choose which table to attach the order to. You will also be able to use the functions menu to merge tables or split orders for customers to share the costs of a meal between them.

We would like to see a quick tutorial to help new users understand how to use the table functionality properly. Without it, using the table management tool is clunky and hard to understand at first.

Loyalty and gift cards: You can set out how many points are awarded per £1 spent in-store and give a value to each point. By default, a single point has the value of £0.01. You can also determine what products can be purchased with loyalty points. For tracking points, iZettle Pro sells a batch of 501 plastic loyalty key tags for £179.99. The key tags can include your own artwork and logo.

A gift card option is also available. Unfortunately, they do not sell gift card bundles like they do with the loyalty key tags. Instead, users can either print a gift card for a customer via a receipt printer or email the customer a gift card for printing off at home.

Order & Pay app: iZettle used to offer the customer loyalty app Order & Pay, but this service is now put on hold and not offered to new merchants. Order & Pay used to let customers preorder, pay and collect loyalty points from an app under your brand name.

Promotions: You can set special promotions by a percentage or £-value. You can assign this to all or individual products or limit to specific categories. Promotions can be set on a on/off basis, lifetime basis, or activated by a certain level of loyalty points.

Time-keeping: If you enable this feature, employee hours can be recorded on your dashboard. At the end of the week, you will see a time card with total hours worked. You can edit it if needed, and then export it as CSV to run your payroll.

Training mode: A pretty handy feature for when you get started or take on new staff is the training mode. Users can play around without affecting sales records. The only feature that will not work is integrated card payments, but you can opt for cash sales to get a feel for the whole process.

Stock management: While adding products is possible from the app, further control of adding products and stock management is only available in the back office “stock manager”.

The stock manager has a range of tools you’d expect to see.

You can view and edit product data and stock levels. These tools can be used to track supplier contact information too.

A stock-holding report is available and can show you an updated view of your current inventory.

Card payments: iZettle Reader

iZettle Pro integrates out of the box with iZettle Reader. We’ve reviewed this payment service extensively (full iZettle review) and have found it to be one of the top offerings in the UK in terms of ease and affordability. With iZettle, you’ll have no fixed monthly, annual or hidden fees. You will only pay 1.25% transaction fee per card sale when used in conjunction with iZettle Pro (iZettle usually charges 1.75% per transaction).

Processing is fast, and you’ll be able to accept the widest range of cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and UnionPay without signing any additional agreements with acquirers. Contactless is also accepted including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, and of course you can register cash sales too. A bank account at any bank will be fine.

The card reader is tamper-proof and lives up to the highest industry standards. We quite like the design and feel of it compared with other mobile card readers on the market today.

For till sales, we recommend the iZettle Reader with the iZettle Dock, which will look attractive on a counter and leave the machine on a constant full charge.

Hardware compatibility

iZettle Pro offers a range of different hardware bundles.

While you can send receipts by email and text, all businesses will likely want a receipt printer which can be easily set up from within the app. iZettle Pro is compatible with a number of typical POS printers.

iZettle Pro also offers themed bundles of hardware for hospitality, retail and businesses on the go.

If you order a hardware bundle from iZettle, you’ll get a Star Micronics printer. These are thoroughly-tested and reliable POS receipt printers, which will use ink sparingly.

If you are selling on the go without a counter, your only option is the portable printer Star Micronics TM-300i.

Compatible receipt printers

Star Micronics TSP654 (Bluetooth or Ethernet/LAN)
Star Micronics TSP143 (Ethernet/LAN)
Star Micronics SP742 (Ethernet/LAN)
Star Micronics TM-300i Mobile Printer (Bluetooth)
Epson TM-T70 (Ethernet/LAN)
Epson TM-T20 (Ethernet/LAN, iOS only)
PowaPOS T25 (Ethernet/LAN)

The cheapest retail store kit currently costs £729 (excl. VAT) as a bundle and features an iPad stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, Bluetooth barcode scanner, iZettle Reader and iZettle Dock.

With the hospitality bundle, you’ll get the same minus the barcode scanner for for £519 (excl. VAT).

All the packages are good value compared to buying each item separately.

Intelligentpos hardware bundle with barcode scanner iPad stand iZettle Reader and receipt printer

If you have existing compatible hardware, you can negotiate special packages for your remaining needs.

Beware that for the cashdrawer to open automatically, it has to be connected to a compatible printer (see list above).


In-app live data on your sales and transactions are available, but it is limited.

From within the app, you are given an overview of your sales for the day. You can get an overview of cash transactions, card transactions, refunds, vouchers and money paid out.

Print out daily reports with the tap of a button.

Further reports are available on the web: in the settings menu, choose ‘Open your backoffice portal’ to access web reports.

To view more in-depth web reports, you must log in to your iZettle Pro account.

The back office dashboard is incredibly detailed. You can categorise data for tax purposes, track revenue, manage sales and manage stock.

Intelligentpos sales overview screen

Customer support

Phone, live chat, email, and online ticket support is included with iZettle Pro. Support is open 7 days a week 10am to 7pm.

In fact, the live chat feature for customer support has been integrated directly within the iPad app.

The company also offers extensive support and training that go beyond their call lines and live chat. Namely, iZettle Pro can install hardware for you in person. The prices vary, but for a typical half-day hardware setup, it will cost £210 +VAT.


We believe that the iZettle Pro (intelligentpos) offering here is very worthwhile with few downsides to mention.

Where it works:

  • Hardware integration is easy to set up
  • Features are good value for money
  • Simple interface is easy to use
  • Product management, loyalty systems and managing users are extremely accessible within the app
  • The hospitality features are great for those running such a business
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support

Where it doesn’t work:

  • iZettle Pro doesn’t sell gift cards, although they can be printed
  • Additional iPad support can rack up monthly costs
  • In-app reports are only available day by day
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