WorldPay Zinc review: a good fit for some small businesses

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WorldPay Zinc no longer accepts new customers, so details in this article are no longer updated and may therefore be incorrect. WorldPay instead offers traditional terminals with a pay-as-you-go contract.

If you are looking for a mobile card reader similar to WorldPay Zinc with low start-up costs and no monthly fixed fees, consider SumUp, Square or iZettle.

Our rating (4/5)

Versatile mobile card reader with 24/7 phone support and phone payment option.

If you look for a no-hassle way to take payments using your smartphone or tablet, you can go for the 2.75% transaction fee rate with no other costs, or 1.95% with a £5.99 monthly fee. To use WorldPay Zinc, you only need a smartphone or tablet with WiFi or a 3G/4G connection.
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WorldPay Zinc is only available directly from WorldPay, not at resellers as of writing. The upfront cost for the WorldPay Zinc card reader is £39.99, only 1.95% in transaction fees, and a monthly fee of £10.

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  • Highs: No monthly fees or minimum sales volume, can be used anywhere, high security.
  • Lows: Fees are at the high end. For low-volume businesses, SumUp (review) has a lower flat rate with no monthly fees.
  • Buy if: You value 24/7 phone support and the ability to take payments by phone and email (for phone payments, also consider Square).

You know the name: WorldPay is the biggest card payment company in the UK. In fact, it is the biggest payment processing company in Europe, ahead of Barclays. Its mobile POS service is similar to that of competitors SumUp, iZettle and Payleven: buy the card reader, download the free app, no need for a merchant account, no minimum contract period, and easy online application.

 Digging deeper: who should consider WorldPay Zinc?

  • You want to take some payments over the telephone. WorldPay Zinc allows you to accept payments over the phone using the WorldPay online portal.
  • You prefer telephone support over email and online FAQs. If you are the kind of person who likes to talk to someone if you have a problem, WorldPay Zinc is the only mobile card reader service with a 24/7 telephone helpline.
  • You like the option of sending email invoices. World Pay Zinc offer the Pay by Link service, where you can email a payment link through which the customer can enter her or his credit card details and pay online. Great for deposits or for customers who cannot see you face to face.
  • Your credit card sales total £2500 per month or less on average. For higher-volume merchants, iZettle and Payleven will offer a better rate, but as long as the sales are over £1000 per month, we recommend their £5.99-per-month package with a 1.95% fee. SumUp‘s flat rate is cheaper and has no monthly fee. So the question is: How much do you value their 24/7 telephone support and the option of taking payments by phone and email? The extra £5.99 is still incredible value with the payment options that then become available.

For those who register for a callback through the link below, there is a flat 1.95% fee only the first three months, with no monthly fee.

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WorldPay Zinc costs: reader and packages

Like its competitors, WorldPay Zinc is a chip and PIN reader that connects to either your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The mobile chip and PIN reader is available for £39.99. Similar to its competitors, you have to download the free WorldPay Zinc app in either the App Store or Google Play. Once your WorldPay Zinc account is up and ready, you can take payments.

WorldPay Zinc offers two levels of service: pay as you go and pay monthly. The pay-as-you-go service is similar to what PayPal Here is offering: a standard transaction fee of 2.75% with no other fees or costs.

The pay monthly service requires you to pay a monthly fee of £5.99 and then the transaction fee drops to 1.95%. This option, compared to the pay-as-you-go option, starts to save money if your monthly sales are over £748.75.

In terms of further comparison, iZettle, for example, has a sliding fee structure that starts from 2.75% and drops to 1.5% depending on the level of your monthly sales. iZettle’s sliding fee hits 1.95% if the level of your monthly sales reaches just over £4,800, and the lowest rate of 1.5% is available once your monthly sales reach just over £13,000.

Other specifications and features

  • WorldPay Zinc supports Mastercard and Visa credit cards as well as Visa and Maestro debit cards, but does not take American Express and JCB as iZettle does.
  • Compatible Apple products: iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPad (2nd, 3rd, 4th generation).
  • Compatible Android devices: Android OS 2.3.x or 4.x, with GPS, and an MDPI resolution or greater. Minimum screen size: 480 pixels by 640 pixels.
  • The maximum transaction limit per card is £5,000.
  • Allows payments by swiping the magnetic stripe and the customer has to sign on the screen to authorise the transaction.
  • Money is deposited in your bank account in 3-4 working days.


  • Easy to get started, easy to use.
  • Option to take payments by phone and email.
  • 24/7 live telephone support.


  • Slightly more expensive than SumUp for lower-volume businesses.
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