iZettle Reader 2 – what’s new?

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A green button instead of blue - that seems to be the only visible change with the iZettle Reader 2, which has just been launched in the UK. iZettle has been unusually quiet about the update, and a lot of the company material even mixes images of the 1st [...]

How can I accept credit cards on my iPhone?

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If you’ve been to a pub, cafe or festival recently, you may have noticed traders using their iPhone (or other smartphone) to take credit and debit card payments. Perhaps you’ve wondered how you can do the same? If you run a small business or are a sole trader, the [...]

Ten reasons to get a card reader for iPhone

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Now that everyone’s got a smartphone, it’s no surprise the payment industry is going mobile in a big way. Just like most consumers today, merchants now expect ease of use, great flexibility and synchronisation across devices. The answer to card payments? Compact card machines enabling you to take payments [...]