iZettle Reader 2 – what’s new?

iZettle Reader 2 has landed - an improved update of the first iZettle Reader. Looking nearly identical, what's actually different about this one?

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iZettle & Windows Phone 8: why does it lack support?

When iZettle first launched a few years ago, it was compatible only with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Since then, the service has added several countries in Europe and beyond, but it has only gained compatibility with Android devices. No Windows Phone, no BlackBerry. The same applies for iZettle's main [...]

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iZettle app functionalities you may not use but should

Owning an iZettle Chip and PIN card reader and using the app on your smartphone or tablet is just the first step toward growing your business. Now that you have made the decision to accept card payments with an app, you can start gathering more data than ever and [...]

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iZettle transaction limits: the full story for PIN and Sign readers

Numerous iZettle reviews have mentioned the long list of positive benefits of the iZettle chip & PIN system for accepting credit and debit card payments, which is rapidly transforming the business landscape. However, one subject that continually causes confusion and is the source of some negative iZettle review comments and [...]

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How to obtain Santander UK cashback on iZettle card reader

Is there a way to get an iZettle Chip and PIN card reader at a discount – let's say, half price? Well, in fact, if you are a Santander business current account customer, there is. Here is how you can get it. Update 2016: Santander no longer offers cashback for [...]

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