How MobileTransaction is financed

We put a lot of effort into our reviews, comparisons and articles. To cover the cost of publication, we make money from referral advertising.

Referral advertising is when a user follows a link on our site and subsequently signs up for a service we have a partnership with.

From time to time, we may feature special product offers for the benefit of our readers, but our reviews and ratings are still based on prices and conditions available to the general public.

Can we be independent if we make money?

We would not be able to run this website if we could not make some money on it. A serious newspaper would say the same.

Right off the bat, we want to make one thing clear: we are not paid or compensated for positive reviews in any way. Whether or not we have a referral partnership with a company does not affect our rating of the service. Our writers are paid to write reviews, not to sell products.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has cracked down on review sites that are paid to write positive reviews, and we think that’s a good thing. We do not mark our reviews as sponsored, because they are not sponsored.

If we give a good rating on a product, it is because we believe in the service and the company. To learn more about how we set a rating, see our review and editorial policy.

How to support us

All the content on our website is free. It makes us happy if it is useful for our readers.

If you want to support us, we really appreciate if you visit the websites of the companies we review and compare through our links.

This is how most affiliate links on our site look like:

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