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Growing use of SMS payments around the world

United States of America In the USA most mobile phone operators, banks and developers are banking on NFC technology being the key technology to the growth of mobile payments. In the United States users can already use smartphones to pay for goods (Starbucks, MobilePay USA) or to accept payments for [...]

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Security of SMS Payments

SMS payments are incredibly secure.  This is the main point you need to emphasise to your customers, to reassure them that any SMS payment transaction will be safe for them.  When you come to ask for payments via SMS remind them that because the customer doesn't need to enter in [...]

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Regulations governing SMS payments – by country

Regulations governing the use and development of SMS payments vary from country to country around the world.  Here's a brief guide to the main regulations for each country we have information about. Note that in most countries - but not all - adult and erotic content are banned. In [...]

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What are Micropayments?

Micropayments are financial transactions that involve a very small sum of money. PayPal defines a micropayment as anything less than USD 12, whereas Visa classifies anything less than USD 20 as a micropayment. Traditionally it has been difficult, financially, to recoup the costs involved in processing micropayments. With SMS billing, [...]

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Organisations overseeing SMS payments – by country

To protect consumers from unscrupulous companies, many countries have set up a regulatory framework to reassure their customers that it is safe to use any SMS payment provider registered with them and also to offer them a place where they can raise any concerns about SMS payments. The need [...]

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Person to Person SMS Payments

Being able to transfer money directly from one mobile phone to another is the attraction of person to person SMS payments, particularly in countries such as India and Kenya where most people don't have access to banks, or in other countries such as Japan, to enable foreign workers to send [...]

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JunglePay from txtNation – SMS Payments

JunglePay is a free to install payment solution from txtNation – an award winning UK company that has been at the forefront of SMS payment technology, SMS payments and SMS messaging solutions for the past 8 years. SMS Payments from 80+ Countries JunglePay allows you to collect SMS payments from [...]

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Premium SMS – instant SMS payments for your website

SMS payment means using text messages to pay for products or services. Mobile phone users can send text messages to a predefined number with a certain text. The mobile phone carrier will then add the cost to the user's normal monthly bill or deduct it from the prepaid balance. [...]

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Allopass: The European micropayments giant

Allopass is a global micropayment solutions company that offers a large variety payment methods in one package, including premium SMS payments. Originating from France, it operates in some 60 countries and handles 8 million transactions monthly for its 280,000 merchants - numbers that have lead it to claim to be [...]

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