M-Pesa: Yet to make an impact in India

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M-Pesa has established itself globally as one of the most successful mobile micro-finance and money transfer services. Its network consists of the following countries and regions: Afghanistan, South Africa, parts of Eastern Europe, Kenya, and India. Vodafone, India’s second largest mobile operator introduced M-Pesa in India in 2011. It has [...]

Pakistan’s Easypaisa makes banking popular and accessible

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Pakistan’s first mobile based branchless banking service, Easypaisa, is the creation of Tameer Microfinance Bank and the international telecommunication giant, Telenor. Established in 2009, the service is now accessible in more than 800 cities and towns throughout Pakistan. It has an average of six million users per month. In Pakistan [...]

M-PESA: How Kenya took the lead in mobile money

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By Janet Kamana, Nairobi M-PESA is a mobile money transfer service supported by Safaricom, Kenya's largest mobile network operator. It is arguably the most developed mobile money transfer system in the world, and has transformed the lives of many Kenyans. A typical scene: sending and receiving [...]

Growth in value of mobile payments

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Recent research by I.E. Market Research shows that mobile phone payments were worth 31.5 billion dollars in 2010, a slight decrease on 2009, due to the effects of the recession. This company predicts, however, that global mobile phone payments will continue to rise and be worth around 950 billion USD [...]

SMS payments and charities

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Unlike other business users of SMS Payments, charities are usually given the full value of the donation. With other business users, the mobile payment provider will charge a transaction fee. Mobile payment providers usually waive this fee for charities to ensure that the charity gets the full benefit of the [...]

The bad press history of sms payments

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When you ask anyone about premium SMS they will usually think of the companies that you used to see on television offering ringtones, wallpaper, games, photos or dating sites that people could download to their mobile phones. With these companies, SMS payments very quickly got a very bad reputation. Some [...]