What are SMS payments?

SMS payments can work for large and small companies alike, as well as charities. Find out how you can use SMS payments and if there are any advantages.

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Mobile banking, the new and easier way to bank in Pakistan

Since 1947, Pakistan’s banking sector has come a long way. The current estimated population of Pakistan exceeds 182 million out of which roughly only 7% use banking services. With a network of 12,000 branches across Pakistan the banking footprint is well established, but has also been deemed insufficient. Taking [...]

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M-Pesa: Yet to make an impact in India

M-Pesa has established itself globally as one of the most successful mobile micro-finance and money transfer services. Its network consists of the following countries and regions: Afghanistan, South Africa, parts of Eastern Europe, Kenya, and India. Vodafone, India’s second largest mobile operator introduced M-Pesa in India in 2011. It has [...]

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Pakistan’s Easypaisa makes banking popular and accessible

Pakistan’s first mobile based branchless banking service, Easypaisa, is the creation of Tameer Microfinance Bank and the international telecommunication giant, Telenor. Established in 2009, the service is now accessible in more than 800 cities and towns throughout Pakistan. It has an average of six million users per month. In [...]

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M-PESA: how Kenya took the lead in mobile money

By Janet Kamana, Nairobi M-PESA is a mobile money transfer service supported by Safaricom, Kenya's largest mobile network operator. It is arguably the most developed mobile money transfer system in the world, and has transformed the lives of many Kenyans. With over 18.2 million subscribers in a country [...]

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Predicted growth in mobile payments in South and Central America

South and Central America will see a huge growth in the use of mobile phones as a means to provide access to banking services, person to person payments and remittances. This part of the world is hugely under-served by banks and it is here that mobile phone payments can make [...]

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Growth in value of mobile payments – numbers and predictions

Recent research by I.E. Market Research shows that mobile phone payments were worth 31.5 billion dollars in 2010, a slight decrease on 2009 due to the effects of the recession. This company predicts, however, that global mobile phone payments will continue to rise and be worth around 950 billion [...]

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SMS payments and charities

Charities have become important users of SMS payments, both to raise money and to give direct help. What are real-life examples of this?

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The bad press history of SMS payments

SMS payments had negative publicity in the press in the early years due to some unscrupulous behaviour, although this is not the case anymore.

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Who is using SMS payments and mobile payments and where?

The use of the mobile phone as a wallet or payment device is growing rapidly as companies, financial institutions and customers come to grips with the technology and the possibilities that it brings for mobile payments. Here are just some case studies showing real-life examples of SMS payments and [...]

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Predicted growth in mobile payments in Asia Pacific

China has the largest number of mobile phone users in the world at the moment, with 987,580,000 mobile phones in use, closely followed by India, with 903,727,208.  Japan and Indonesia are also in the top ten countries worldwide for mobile phone ownership.  Asia Pacific is a big market for mobile [...]

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Should I accept SMS Payments?

In a word, yes.  If you want to have access to billions of customers worldwide and provide them with an easy, quick and secure way to purchase your product, then yes, you should accept SMS payments. If you want to accept micropayments, then definitely, yes, you should accept SMS payments. [...]

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Growing use of SMS payments around the world

United States of America In the USA most mobile phone operators, banks and developers are banking on NFC technology being the key technology to the growth of mobile payments. In the United States users can already use smartphones to pay for goods (Starbucks, MobilePay USA) or to accept payments for [...]

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Security of SMS Payments

SMS payments are incredibly secure.  This is the main point you need to emphasise to your customers, to reassure them that any SMS payment transaction will be safe for them.  When you come to ask for payments via SMS remind them that because the customer doesn't need to enter in [...]

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Organisations overseeing SMS payments – by country

To protect consumers from unscrupulous companies, many countries have set up a regulatory framework to reassure their customers that it is safe to use any SMS payment provider registered with them and also to offer them a place where they can raise any concerns about SMS payments. The need [...]

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JunglePay from txtNation – SMS Payments

JunglePay is a free to install payment solution from txtNation – an award winning UK company that has been at the forefront of SMS payment technology, SMS payments and SMS messaging solutions for the past 8 years. SMS Payments from 80+ Countries JunglePay allows you to collect SMS payments from [...]

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