JunglePay is a free to install payment solution from txtNation – an award winning UK company that has been at the forefront of SMS payment technology, SMS payments and SMS messaging solutions for the past 8 years.

SMS Payments from 80+ Countries

JunglePay allows you to collect SMS payments from over 80 countries, premium phone call payments from over 200 countries and collects credit card and IVR payments from all over the world, making this a true world-wide provider of micropayment collection services.

JunglePay is connected to dozens of networks across the world, bringing you access to millions of potential customers. And it offers its services in 25 languages, meaning that your customers, wherever they are, whatever language they speak, will know how to pay you for your service.

Two Installation Options – Widget or API

JunglePay offers one of the easiest set-ups we have seen. You can quickly and easily install the JunglePay payment widget onto your website; your mobile app or even your WordPress blog without any programming knowledge.

The JunglePay widget is fully customizable – you can make it look just as you want it to look. You can change the colours, size, and add images to make it look part of your website. You just follow their six-step set-up Quick Installation wizard and you can have a widget set up to collect payments within minutes.

Alternatively you can download the installation files manually and upload them to your server.

For more advanced users, JunglePay also offers an API (Application Programming Interface), so you can build a JunglePay widget to your exact specifications.

Once integrated with your system, you set the price points you want to charge.

Online Support as standard

You can get access to Live Support from the moment you first visit the site. This British company will do all that it can to help you to set up your SMS Payment Gateway and be able to start earning money from your site, or your mobile app as soon as possible.

As an example, when you first set up your JunglePay widget account, it will be set up as an Adult account, however, to remove the adult account lock and gain access to all SMS payment countries, all you need to do is verify your account at txtNation and 5 minutes later, your account will be active in all countries.

And to gain extra support, you can pay to join JunglePay premium where you get access to a Local Account Manager, email alerts of payments and more custom price points.

Impressive Region by Region Breakdown of Rules and Regulations

txtNation provides a handy Region Guide to clearly show you the rules and regulations applying to SMS payments in each country of the world, so you can see what you can and cannot do in each country. They also provide you with an Account Manager whom you can contact for more advice before you start a campaign in that particular country.

Impressive Conversion Rate

JunglePay has a very impressive conversion rate of between 50% – 70% and regularly gets sales from customers who would otherwise not pay for a service.

No Set Up Or Monthly Fees

JunglePay is free to set up and free to use, (unless you opt for the premium service), which makes it a very attractive choice for any company wanting to be able to collect SMS payments from as many countries as possible.

Plus it offers a very attractive range of price points – even more are available if you upgrade to a Premium Account.

JunglePay is, however, one of the slower payment processors. For your first payment it can take between 60 and 90 days to reach you, because, claim txtNation, this is how long it takes the mobile phone operators to pay across from mobile phone bills. After your first payment, you receive payment every 30 days. You can view your billing status online at your txtNation account, which is set up when you set up your JunglePay account.


JunglePay is a very easy to set up, easy to use method of collecting SMS payments from over 80 countries, or IVR and credit card payments from all over the world. Their innovative widget is easy to install and can be made to look part of your site and the technological support is a bonus to anyone who is starting to collect SMS payments for the first time or any company that wants to collect payments from more countries around the world