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Wix is one of the best-value ecommerce platforms in the UK, but is it without issues?
Wix is a popular website builder and ecommerce platform. Known for its visual drop-and-drag builder, you can build a complete online store in a few hours, but is Wix’s service trustworthy enough?
  • Highs: Beautiful templates. Very user-friendly. Competitive pricing.
  • Lows: Payouts only on Mondays. Card details required for trial. Many complaints about service.
  • Best for: Merchants who want the easiest way to build an online store, without compromising on features.

How Wix eCommerce works

Wix is a popular website builder appealing to bloggers, freelancers and businesses alike. It allows you to create a website through step-by-step guidance and a very user-friendly editor – no coding skills required because it is all visually presented.

For a subscription cost, you can use the ‘Business’ (ecommerce) features to sell products on your website too.

Wix allows you to create a site in two ways:

  • Via Wix Editor which is most customisable with a wealth of templates and features
  • Via Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) that asks you a few questions about the type and style of shop you want, whereafter it creates a store for you

Wix Editor is what most people think of when they think of Wix. This is the drag-and-drop editor where you adjust anything to exactly what you want, add tons of elements and app integrations, and choose between many templates.

On the other hand, Wix ADI is the easiest to use, as it creates the basic website, whereafter you can adjust the existing elements it tailored for you. If you’re not comfortable having full creative control with Wix Editor, ADI is definitely the way to go.

In the UK, Wix allows the following payment methods on your ecommerce website:

Wix Payments

MastercardMaestroVisaAmerican ExpressDiscoverDiners ClubJCB

Also accepted

PayPal, Square card reader, AliPay, iDeal, offline payments e.g. cash or cheque

These incur separate fees on top of the website subscription. You can also accept the Chinese AliPay and Dutch iDeal. These are worth accepting if you target those markets from the UK, as they are preferred by many in those countries.

Pricing and payments

It’s free to create a Wix account and build a website, but with restrictions. To sell things and have a professional-looking website without Wix advertising, there are three ecommerce subscriptions to choose from: Business Basic, Businesses Unlimited and Business VIP.

PlanMonthly*Yearly*2 years*3 years*
Business Basic£16/mo£13/mo£11/mo£10.50/mo
Business Unlimited£19/mo£16/mo£14/mo£13/mo
Business VIP£25/mo£22/mo£19/mo£17/mo

* VAT not included.

Wix ecommerce plans
Monthly*Yearly*2 years*3 years*
Business Basic
£16 /mo£13 /mo£11 /mo£10.50 /mo
Business Unlimited
£19 /mo£16 /mo£14 /mo£13 /mo
Business VIP
£25 /mo£22 /mo£19 /mo£17 /mo

* VAT not included.

The more you pay upfront, the cheaper the monthly rate, i.e. pay-monthly is highest, and the rate for 3 years paid upfront is lowest on a per-month basis. Just beware, amounts paid are non-refundable so you commit to the chosen time. You also have to cancel the contract before the end of the current term as otherwise it will auto-renew.

You have the same available payment options and card rates on all plans, but note that you can only use one currency for payments.

Wix Payments has a very competitive transaction rate at 1.9% + 20p, and no monthly fees. Chargebacks incur no fee, but the customer may have the transaction refunded if their dispute was successful. It is not clear whether there’s a fee for processing refunds in general.

Settlement with Wix Payments is not the fastest. Payouts are only processed every Monday (and only if there’s a minimum of $20 to clear), whereafter it takes 3-5 working days to appear in your bank account minus the Wix transaction fee. This means that sales made in your online store the Tuesday before could, in the slowest-case scenario, take two weeks to show in your bank account. Payments made on a Friday – maybe Monday – could take “just” 3-4 working days.

Wix Payments transaction fee1.9% + 20p (any card)
Wix Payments chargebacksNo processing fee
PayPal feesCheck your PayPal account
Square Reader transaction fee1.75%
iDeal fee2.5% + €0.30

* VAT not included.

Wix Payments transaction fee1.9% + 20p (any card)
Wix Payments chargebacksNo processing fee
PayPal feesCheck your PayPal account
Square Reader transaction fee1.75%
iDeal fee2.5% + €0.30

* VAT not included.

PayPal, on the other hand, has different fee options depending on how you accept it, and payments go into the e-money account within a few hours. If the payment method is PayPal (not debit or credit cards directly), it costs 2.9% + 30p per transaction plus applicable crossborder and currency conversion fees. The latter are both relevant when, for example, someone in Germany purchases your UK-based item in GBP with a EUR balance on their payment card.

If you accept credit and debit cards into your PayPal account, fees depend on your monthly sales volume, type of payment card accepted and which of two fee structures you choose. This could be anywhere between 1.9%-4.7% + 20p without currency conversion and up to 8.7% + 20p with the highest currency conversion fee. You may also have to pay £20 + VAT per month to have PayPal’s debit and credit card acceptance activated (there is no monthly fee for accepting PayPal only).

Image: Wix

Your checkout will have a blue button for card payments and a yellow PayPal button (if integrated).

Note that PayPal directs customers away from your website during checkout, which is known to decrease conversion rate. Wix Payments keeps customers on your site during the entire checkout process.

If you want to accept iDeal or AliPay, you can set this up for free through Stripe, but only if the currency in your Stripe account matches that used in Wix. iDeal only accepts Euro, so both your Stripe account and Wix online store have to use Euro to work. AliPay doesn’t openly say what currency they accept. These payments can cost 2.5% + €0.30 per transaction (regional differences apply) and it takes 2-7 days for transactions to clear through Stripe.

Moreover, you can accept card payments in person with a Square Reader at 1.75% per transaction. This is handy if you’re selling face-to-face, but a customer wants to order something on your website while they are in your store.


Many core ecommerce features are included as default on all the Business subscriptions. The following are just a snapshot, as there are a lot of other features:

Product catalogue: Store products are added from your Dashboard, not the website editor. This ensures that if you change your website theme, the core information about your products can be transferred to the new layout. You can add product descriptions, variants, ribbons (e.g. Bestseller, New Arrival) which displays on the product image on your site, and stock levels. When an item is out of stock, it will show an “out of stock” label in the online store, but you don’t get email notifications for low or out-of-stock levels.

Image library: When you upload pictures, it automatically generates suitable tags based on Wix’s analyses of the image – pretty cool since tags are important for SEO and product searches.

You can also add images from one of three stock image libraries: Media from Wix (free), Shutterstock (costs apply) and Unsplash (free). Videos can be added, but note that there are limits for how long the total runtime can be (table below).

Abandoned carts: View all the carts that potential customers have abandoned, and email them to close the sale. This is a proven way to increase conversion, as these customers have already been tempted to buy, but perhaps needed more time to think.

SEO settings: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is important for getting found in search engines, and Wix has made that easier for those without much experience. When you go to SEO settings, it shows exactly what information to input and how it will look in Google search results.

Image: Mobile Transaction

Wix product SEO

SEO is made easy with the many explainers and visual examples.

Mobile responsiveness: In the website editor, you can easily switch between desktop and mobile view to check how the page looks on different screen sizes, and edit the mobile page directly if something doesn’t look right. This is extremely important  for ecommerce today, since most people shop on their phones, and having a website that’s difficult to navigate on a small screen will lead to lost sales.

Image: Mobile Transaction

There’s lots you can add or change on every web page.

Contact form and live chat: Close sales while customers are on your site by adding a live chat. It’s common for many to leave an online shop if there are doubts, but the proactiveness of asking “can I help” while they’re still browsing could increase your sales.

You can also add a contact form for those who’d rather send you questions to answer in your own time.

Customer reviews: Let customers leave reviews on your website so others can make more informed decisions. You can also add a widget on your site that pulls reviews from other websites like Trustpilot.

Blog: Your website isn’t just an online store – you can add a blog section for articles that can increase traffic on your site. In fact, add any page you need to make your website great.

Design options: Wix is honestly brilliant for playing around with designs in the visual editor. You can pick from long list of text fonts, add shapes, add images and videos, edit or add sections anywhere you like, pull sections to the right size, choose the look of buttons, menu layout, and so much more. Even as a non-designer, you can have fun playing around with everything until you like what you see.

All the Business plans also include:

  • The ability to connect your own domain
  • Free domain for one year
  • Removal of Wix ads
  • Google Analytics
  • £75 ad vouchers
  • Site booster app ($60 value)
  • Visitor analytics app ($60 value)

The only differences between the three Wix Business plans are:

Storage20 GB35 GB50 GB
Video on site<5 hours<10 hoursUnlimited
Professional logo
Yes, $50 valueYes, $50 value
Social media logo files
Priority message response
Priority phone support
Storage20 GB35 GB50 GB
Video on site<5 hours<10 hoursUnlimited
sional logo
Yes, $50 valueYes, $50 value
Social media logo files
Priority message response
Priority phone support

The two key differences here are likely to be site storage and customer support. Although you can have unlimited products on your site, the images and possible videos are likely going to take up a lot of space with a larger product library. Furthermore, if you’re reliant on getting help from Wix, you can save time with VIP’s prioritised support.

Editing the website

Without looking too overwhelming, Wix Editor is the most advanced of the builders. Your website is shown, divided into clickable sections to work on. You can literally click anything, and it shows you the associated things you can edit.

Image: Mobile Transaction

Wix Editor example

Wix Editor has detailed editing options with lots of optional features.

Wix ADI has a good amount of editing freedom, but streamlined to show you the most important options. This makes it a lot easier for someone not skilled in web design to create a professional website, as you can get overwhelmed with more choices.

Image: Mobile Transaction

The Wix ADI builder has fewer editing options, but looks less intimidating.

Both editors are very user-friendly, as everything has small pop-up explainers to tell you what that thing is for. When you click on something, it gives you the options for that section of the site, for example buttons for changing the text, adding a link and adjusting the size of the visual element.

Any time you want to switch between ADI and Editor, you can do that, so you’re not stuck with the limited options presented in Wix ADI if that’s how you started.

Website templates

There’s a good variety of website themes, unlike some other website builders with very recognisable designs (Squarespace’s style is like that, although theirs are still beautiful).

There is, however, a difference in templates between the two ways to set up a website.

Out of Wix’s 670+ templates in the Wix Editor, 86 are suitable for an ecommerce store. That’s not bad, especially since they’re really quite nice and professional.

Image: Mobile Transaction

Wix ecommerce templates

The Wix Editor builder gives you a choice of 80+ ecommerce templates.

If you’re building with Wix ADI, you only get the few choices created upfront after you’ve answered some questions about your type of store. From that, you can adjust the page elements – even add more sections and features – from the ADI editor.

If you start with ADI, you can switch to Editor any time to have more freedom adjusting the design.

Image: Mobile Transaction

Wix ADI builder ecommerce templates

The Wix ADI builder suggests a few templates based on your requirements.

A downside is that once you’ve selected a template to work with, you can’t just switch it to any other theme; only to a theme “associated with the template”. So at the start, choose carefully. Otherwise, you’ll have to build a new site from scratch.

Domain and hosting

All websites are hosted (i.e. stored) on a server somewhere. Normally, you pay a monthly or annual fee for that privilege, either to a dedicated hosting company or website platform. With Wix, hosting is included on all subscriptions including the free plan.

All the Wix ecommerce plans allow you to:

  • Use your own domain name (purchase of URL required if you don’t already own it)
  • Create a website without any Wix ads
  • Use your own favicon (icon in browser tab)
  • Use unlimited bandwidth (for page loading)

To compare, the free plan only uses URLs in the format ‘username.wixsite.com/siteaddress’, displays Wix ads on all pages as well as a Wix favicon in your browser tab. All those things would make any ecommerce website look less professional, perhaps even suspicious.

Integrations and extra tools

Wix websites can integrate with 330+ apps, including tools like a search bar, social media and analytics. Some of these apps are provided by Wix, either free of charge or requiring a Premium plan. Other apps are external, for example MyReviews which displays customer reviews on your site. The external apps may be free or have separate costs.

Wix App Market is divided into helpful categories for tools related to analytics, bookings, business, chat, design, forms, marketing, music, photography, social media and video.

Image: Mobile Transaction

Wix App Market has over 330 apps with different features for the website.

If you’re clueless about what apps are best, there are helpful recommendations and curated sections for online stores, blogs, hotels and travel, restaurants and events.

As for POS systems, Wix only integrates with Square (Wix store accepts Square Reader) and PayPal that accepts card reader payments via the PayPal Here app. The latter cannot be integrated directly with the Wix store, but PayPal Here uses the same e-money account as PayPal transactions received online.

Customer service and user reviews

Common to all Wix users is the English-language callback support between Monday and Friday from 5am to 5pm PST (that’s 1pm to 1am BST). You can also request an email response via the website. There is 24/7 phone support, but this is reserved to pressing issues related to billing, charges, subscriptions, domains, mailboxes, live sites, the editor, account and site settings.

There is 24/7 phone support, but this is reserved to to pressing issues related to billing, charges, subscriptions, domains, mailboxes, live sites, the editor, account and site settings.

On the Business VIP plan, you get ‘priority response’, where your questions on the Wix Answers page is pushed to the front of the line for a faster response. You also get ‘VIP support’, where you jump the queue on the helpline Monday through Thursday between 6am and 5pm PST (that’s 2pm-1am BST).

There is no live chat support. Most queries can be dealt with through the help section, which actually covers a lot of answers.

If you decide to hire help to manage more complicated aspects of the site, Wix can link you with appropriate professionals.

If you’re unlucky to have a payment issue, that might be challenging, though. Many customer reviews complain about Wix ignoring their payment and subscription issues, or having to wait for ages on the helpline.

We should mention that Wix has over 125 million users globally, so a larger volume of poor reviews is natural as with most other large ecommerce platforms. It is concerning, though, to see some customers left completely ignored.

Our verdict

Wix ecommmerce is definitely one of the most user-friendly platforms for UK small businesses. It’s super-easy to get started, gives you loads of ways to tailor your site, and the online store can be optimised to rank well in search engines.

Large inventories can be problematic, since you cannot get email notifications when stock is running low. There are other ecommerce platforms with more advanced stock management tools, but Wix works fine if you can keep an eye on sales every day.

Customer support is generally not rated highly, so if you have problems with something, you may run into a lengthy process getting it sorted – that is, unless you opt for VIP support on the most expensive plan.

The payment options for your checkout are a good selection for most merchants. It’s only if you’re a large company with high sales volumes that you can get more competitive rates with other payment processors.

If you’ve never built a website before, we recommend the Wix ADI builder, which is the most streamlined way to create a site. For full flexibility over design, Wix Editor is the way to go.

While there’s a free Wix plan, selling online requires a Wix Business subscription. Compared to other website platforms, Wix’s ecommerce plans are excellent value for a small business.

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