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A language man, Oliver Wastie has worked as a professional translator for prize winning authors. Curious about the world, he has lived in different continents.

What are Payleven’s business analytics and loyalty programme?

 Payleven and SumUp have merged under the name of SumUp, so Payleven no longer accepts new customers. New merchants may sign up with SumUp or consider alternatives. For small businesses looking for a means of accepting credit cards without having to pay large fees, Payleven represents one [...]

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Chip and PIN technology

There can hardly be anyone in the UK who doesn't use a Chip and PIN machine on a regular basis. Any time you pop into your nearest shop and pay with a credit or debit card by giving your PIN code (personal identification number) to authorise the transaction you [...]

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iZettle transaction limits: the full story for PIN and Sign readers

Numerous iZettle reviews have mentioned the long list of positive benefits of the iZettle chip & PIN system for accepting credit and debit card payments, which is rapidly transforming the business landscape. However, one subject that continually causes confusion and is the source of some negative iZettle review comments and [...]

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