What are SMS payments?

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SMS payments can work for large and small companies alike, as well as charities. Find out how you can use SMS payments and if there are any advantages.

Number of mobile phones around the world – by country and region

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There are approximately 5,082,665,820 mobile phones in use around the world today. Mobile phone ownership around the world is clearly highlighted in the pie chart below. We have also broken down mobile phone use by region for those countries for which data on mobile phone ownership is available. [...]

SMS payments and charities

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Unlike other business users of SMS Payments, charities are usually given the full value of the donation. With other business users, the mobile payment provider will charge a transaction fee. Mobile payment providers usually waive this fee for charities to ensure that the charity gets the full benefit of the [...]

The bad press history of sms payments

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When you ask anyone about premium SMS they will usually think of the companies that you used to see on television offering ringtones, wallpaper, games, photos or dating sites that people could download to their mobile phones. With these companies, SMS payments very quickly got a very bad reputation. Some [...]

Who is using SMS payments and mobile payments and where?

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The use of the mobile phone as a wallet or payment device is growing rapidly as companies, financial institutions and customers come to grips with the technology and the possibilities that it brings for mobile payments. Here are just some case studies showing real-life examples of SMS payments and [...]

How to block premium SMS messages, step by step

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If you think you are receiving a text message in error - or you no longer want to receive a premium SMS - then it is relatively easy to stop getting these premium SMS messages on your phone. Thankfully, we have come a long way since the early days [...]

Predicted Growth in Mobile Payments in Eastern Europe

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In Russia there were 224,260,000 mobile phones in July 2011, or 1.5 mobile phones per person. In the Ukraine, there were 54,377,000. Eastern Europe is a growing market for mobile phones and mobile phone payments. IE Market Research predicts that in 2015, there will be 44.6 million mobile payment users in [...]

Predicted growth in mobile payments in Asia Pacific

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China has the largest number of mobile phone users in the world at the moment, with 987,580,000 mobile phones in use, closely followed by India, with 903,727,208.  Japan and Indonesia are also in the top ten countries worldwide for mobile phone ownership.  Asia Pacific is a big market for mobile [...]

Should I accept SMS Payments?

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In a word, yes.  If you want to have access to billions of customers worldwide and provide them with an easy, quick and secure way to purchase your product, then yes, you should accept SMS payments. If you want to accept micropayments, then definitely, yes, you should accept SMS payments. [...]