Predicted Growth in Mobile Payments in Eastern Europe

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In Russia there were 224,260,000 mobile phones in July 2011, or 1.5 mobile phones per person. In the Ukraine, there were 54,377,000. Eastern Europe is a growing market for mobile phones and mobile phone payments. IE Market Research predicts that in 2015, there will be 44.6 million mobile payment users in [...]

Predicted growth in mobile payments in Asia Pacific

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China has the largest number of mobile phone users in the world at the moment, with 987,580,000 mobile phones in use, closely followed by India, with 903,727,208.  Japan and Indonesia are also in the top ten countries worldwide for mobile phone ownership.  Asia Pacific is a big market for mobile [...]

Should I accept SMS Payments?

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In a word, yes.  If you want to have access to billions of customers worldwide and provide them with an easy, quick and secure way to purchase your product, then yes, you should accept SMS payments. If you want to accept micropayments, then definitely, yes, you should accept SMS payments. [...]

Growing use of SMS payments around the world

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United States of America In the USA most mobile phone operators, banks and developers are banking on NFC technology being the key technology to the growth of mobile payments. In the United States users can already use smartphones to pay for goods (Starbucks, MobilePay USA) or to accept payments for [...]

Security of SMS Payments

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SMS payments are incredibly secure.  This is the main point you need to emphasise to your customers, to reassure them that any SMS payment transaction will be safe for them.  When you come to ask for payments via SMS remind them that because the customer doesn't need to enter in [...]

How do SMS payments work for users?

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SMS payments are one of the easiest and safest ways to pay for items.  For the user there is no need to remember passwords or have access to their credit card or bank details; in fact, users don't need to have a bank account at all, which explains why SMS [...]

What are Micropayments?

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Micropayments are financial transactions that involve a very small sum of money. PayPal defines a micropayment as anything less than USD 12, whereas Visa classifies anything less than USD 20 as a micropayment. Traditionally it has been difficult, financially, to recoup the costs involved in processing micropayments. With SMS billing, [...]