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The iZettle Black Cab bundle – the best option to accept cards?

As most London taxi drivers will know by now, a new Transport for London (TfL) mandate will make it a requirement for all black cabs to accept card and contactless payments from October 2016. Not all drivers are overjoyed by [...]

PayPal or Payleven – which is better for over the phone payments?

PayPal might not need any further introduction. Loved and hated, the industry leader in online payments has a fair share of the UK over the phone payment market too. Payleven, the first company in the UK to introduce [...]

The top five iPad POS Systems for the UK

Apple’s iPad has proven itself as a perfect platform for web-based point of sale (POS) systems. The devices are sleek and reliable and offer great battery life. Web-based POS opens up simple and economical store [...]

Mobile payment essentials

How can I accept Apple Pay?

Small businesses are forever at the mercy of large corporations when it comes to customer expectations. When the large corporations move into [...]

How can I accept Bitcoin payments from customers?

Despite the fluctuating Bitcoin value, the crypto-currency has proven to be increasingly popular among retailers. Although we cannot talk about Bitcoin reaching [...]

Mobile Credit Card Readers: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile credit card readers that connect to a smartphone or a tablet are profoundly changing the way anyone with a business can [...]

  • SMS Payments

What are SMS Payments?

SMS payments are a means of paying for goods, services or products via a text message sent from a mobile phone. They [...]



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iZettle review – Simple yet feature rich card payment solution for small businesses

iZettle is handy for accepting credit cards on the go. But is the competition better? Read our iZettle review.

  • SumUp reader

SumUp review – Affordable, no-fuss way to take card payments

Latest Chip & PIN technology reader with the most affordable flat rate at 1.95%.

What is card interchange?

Card interchange is a complicated and sometimes vexatious topic. Everyone seems to have their own agenda when talking or writing about it. Which is why so much on the topic [...]

Top 10 tips for avoiding chargebacks

What exactly is a ‘chargeback’? Why are they best avoided? And how do you best do this? We present the what, why and how. Chargebacks defined A chargeback is when [...]